THK Company Released SRG Guideway Follow-up Products

THK Company Released SRG Guideway Follow-up Products
21 August, 2019
  The internationally renowned THK company has recently developed two follow-up products on the basis of its SRG guideway. One is the large size SRG guide from 85mm to 100mm; the other is the high hardness, high precision, high reliability and zero maintenance SRG guide. The new SRG guideway integrates THK patented rollers with hood. To a large extent, friction, heating and noise are reduced, thus improving the overall performance of the equipment. In addition, the application of this technology also enhances the hardness of the product, and the slider can move smoothly at high speed.

  The new SRG guideway is suitable for all kinds of industrial equipment. The product uses linear rollers with less rolling resistance to achieve smooth movement. There is a grease bin on the roller cover, which can add grease to the parts that need to be lubricated in time, thus achieving the effect of self-lubrication, thus reducing the frequency of manual grease addition.

  Various test results show that the rolling resistance of the new SRG guideway is more than three times lower than that of the traditional non-covered roller product, and the swing during the movement is obviously controlled, the radial hardness is improved, the load on the front side is increased by 40%, and the load on the inverted side is increased by 75%.

  The new SRG guideway is an ideal choice for components used in production, automation and processing equipment under harsh working conditions. The static load capacity of the product ranges from 165 to 599 kbw, and it has two choices: compact slider and flanged slider.
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