Terms and conditions

Terms of use

When ordering an order, Customer agrees to abide by the following terms.



The price of all products on our website and in our catalog is USD (USD $). All product prices are correct at the time of release (except for a price of 0). However, MRO reserves the right to change the price for any reason. If the price of the product you ordered has changed, MRO will contact you before processing your order. MRO will provide tax invoices for all accepted orders in the prescribed form. The product will only be offered to you if your MRO has received the full amount of your order.



Shipping costs will be based on the weight of the order,the destination and where the order has special delivery instructions. The current shipping cost is shown in the shopping cart. If you order a product with special delivery instructions, MRO will contact you to provide a shipping quote before processing your order.

MRO reserves the right to determine the delivery method for any approved order, except for orders with special delivery instructions. Special shipping quotes are required for all international orders. If you order international courier, please send us an e-mail via your order and MRO will contact you to provide a special shipping quote.

We are not responsible for any damage (direct or indirect) caused by delays or failures of delivery due to events beyond our control.



We reserve the right to modify or change product specifications. We do this to improve our product range and usability. This will only be done if we believe that the replacement product is the same or better in terms of performance and suitability. Products may match our catalogs or photos on our website from time to time.

Each product is for the described activity only. If you need information on how to install, use or maintain our products, please ask us. Products used by children can only be used under the supervision of an appropriate adult. The choice and suitability of the items used by children is still at the discretion of the purchaser.


Claim and exchange

If you are not satisfied with any product for any reason, please return the original status and original packaging to MRO within 7 days of receiving the product. Products returned may be exchanged or issued with credit notes. We do not refund products that are incorrectly ordered, used or no longer needed. All returns must be authorized by the MRO. MRO does not accept product returns for customized products unless such customized products are defective or do not meet specifications. Return shipping costs are not credited. In addition, shipping charges will be charged when any exchange product is sent.


Damaged goods and shortages

If you have a problem with the product (or the product is a custom product and does not meet the specifications), please contact the MRO to arrange a free return and exchange, refund or credit to your account. All returns must be authorized by the MRO. If you receive a stock-out order, please contact the MRO immediately to arrange for a shortage of products. In order to meet the shortage of products, we will not charge you for the shipping cost of the product. MRO does not accept returns for products that are damaged after delivery. You should notify the MRO within a reasonable delivery time (or, in the case of a customized product, non-compliant), providing full details of the failure and the invoice number.



Payment must be accompanied by all orders unless otherwise notified. Payment can be made by credit card (Visa or MasterCard) or PayPal.

The Client shall pay any fees or expenses incurred by the MRO in recovering the unpaid amount.

The risk of all products should be transferred to the buyer at the time of delivery. The ownership of the goods can only be passed when the MRO has received the full purchase price and any other arrears.



This website, packaging, commercial promotional materials and their printed catalogue (or any part thereof) may not be reproduced in any form without the prior written permission of MRO.


Warranty and use

Once the product is used, the manufacturer's warranty for the MRO product is void because the nature of the product is flammable and unforeseen for product handling. However, we inspect and hand-pack all products to minimize manufacturing failures. If you think the goods are out of order, please let us know and we will send you back to us for inspection and replacement.


All MRO products are not suitable for stunt rides, ramp jumps, acrobatics or similar activities, nor for motors or electric vehicles (IE is dragged behind the car, etc.). The user is liable for any personal injury, death, damage or failure of the product, and any other loss, including but not limited to any loss of property, if the product is used in any such manner. The buyer understands that the bearing is mechanical and needs to be cleaned and maintained in the prescribed manner in accordance with the technical instructions provided on this website to maintain preforming, otherwise the product may not be suitable for use. Keep bearings away from water and take care of them. If you need help maintaining your product, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to assist you.